How to Get True Love

Getting true love has become a hard thing nowadays that can only be compared to trying to beat the recession and becoming a billionaire. Finding true love is such a hustle nowadays that has made 60% of the world’s population remain single.

25% of the remaining population is involved in what we would call unnatural relationships that involve multiple partners. 5% of the world population is skeptical of the population they are in and always have a back up plan and out of the remaining 10%, 4% out of this ten are in forced marriages as the remaining 6% remain happily married.

I know if you are on this page you must be tired of running around looking and hoping for true love and you’ve finally decided to look for real love. This is the point where I extend my welcome and go further to congratulate you on this maneuver.

And as it is custom, I will start giving tips to the ladies. I being a lady myself, I sailed in the single boat for quite a long time and had a string of boyfriends that just strung me along. I finally decided one day that I was sick of being used and using people and its time I found myself true love.

I did go on-line and searched for dating for dummies tips that I used to find true love. So if you are a woman and you are sick of being strung around and are looking for love then read along.

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Dating Advice for Women

For a smart woman you need to recognize that finding true love is a challenging fete and the only way to get it is by figuring a way around getting it.  Number one as a woman looking for real love you need to steer clear of chat rooms and dating sites.

Get your self dating tips from sites such as and reduce the time of going for plenty of unsuccessful dates.  The most important dating advices I would share with you begin with you as a woman learning how to understand what men want and what it is that they want and finally what it is men that are fantasizing about.

These tips will help you learn and know how to use these skills to your advantage. Secondly you can use other tips such as dressing accordingly, learning how he react to questions you ask to see how he reacts to get a clue on whether he wants a long time commitment.

Dating Advice for Men

If you are a guy looking for true love as well you need to stick around and gain a few informative skills on how to meet the person of your dreams. As a man by now you have figured out that its impossible for your kind to figure out women.

By purchasing relationship products from you’ll discover that among other things being confident and avoiding cockiness is key to landing the ideal woman. You will also learn all women, me inclusive find modest men being quite attractive.

As a man an ideal woman for you is one that is not swept away by your: “I’m really talented! I’m really rich! I’m really strong! Look at me, look at me, LOOK AT ME!” attitude. A real woman is one who will study you and with time will come to judge these things for herself.

Get great tips that will teach you how to take charge in a conversation and learn when its time to shut it, just ensure most of the time she is the one doing the talking and you are sucking in the information.  As much as you contribute on the information ensure that she realizes that all she has to say to you is quite important as you make her know that she is important too.

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